Mercy Severance Package - 05/09/2022

If there were any options but this…

We, like many here, are strong Luna and Mars supporters. The market, however, is about to liquidate our leveraged luna position. We’re sure many here feel a similar burn.

Out of desperation to repay our loan, we are asking if the locked UST (from the lockdrop) could be unlocked given current market conditions.

Considering the fact that there is over 235.51M UST available but only a fraction is currently utilized, we propose an unlockening to save this burgeoning community.

Option 1:
Phased unlock over 10 days till 75% unlocked

Option 2:
Phased unlock over 10 days till 85% unlocked

Option 3:
Phased unlock over 10 days till 100% unlocked


Sorry man, i feel your pain, but you do know this isn’t actually possible right?
Like, to actually make any changes in the contract you have to go through a vote by governance and to do that you would have to follow the MIP-framework, which means atleast 5days discussion here in the forum before you can even put it up for a vote…
Also situations like these are kind of the entire point of the “lock” in “lockdrop”, wouldn’t be fair to the ones who have already been liquidated and wouldn’t be fair to the others who have invested in the protocol…

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Not too late to save a fellow brethren.

Can we open this up to a vote? Now’s an appropriate time to let folks choose to either unlock (or relock) given the new state of the market.

I don’t think lockdroppers anticipated this tail risk to come to fruition or at least not at this scale. This warrants a reevaluation.

@larry and @Mars team

If the porposal passes, how fast could the release be implemented?