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It was a bad proposal before, ignore it lol


Totally agree, it is totally fair and it will help maintain the price of MARS.


Drop, i like it. only phase 1.

I am Phase 1 and Phase 2 participant and I’m in it because of respect to Delphi and my intentions are to hold and accumulate MARS tokens over time.

About the MARS launch I think it was planned to happen like it does and it was written under Risk Disclaimer. Not nice for the small players but this happens since the beginning of the ICO boom…

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Asking people if they want free money is really a great way to get the response you’re looking for, if you’re so sure of your right to be compensated then you should suggest where those tokens will come from, what’s the allocation that will be used to compensate users? They won’t be printed out of thin air, at least I certainly hope not.

As for my opinion, the protocol should not reward those that were using the lockdrop for a quick buck, if you’re looking to sell in the first few hours then I don’t see why Mars should be liable for your compensation.

Also what you’re looking for is equity , anyone could have used the smart contract and that’s the equality you speak of, equity is giving the same access even for those that don’t know how.


I completely agree. It is really unfortunate that there appeared to be infrastructure related issues this morning related to the nodes, but that does not warrant some sort of pay out.

I am not a developer and have never written a line of code, but I was able to go on Twitter, search for $MARS and found a quick thread about how to interact with the smart contract to redeem my rewards. It took 3 minutes.

I totally understand the frustration here and I also had a lot of that this morning (and still do! This launch should have gone smoother than Astro), but please consider how important governance will be for this project to be successful and the type of tone we want to set from the start.

The main priorities are determining which assets we want to add to the Red Bank, how we want to organize around approving C2C applications and building a framework to determine whether $MARS rewards should be distributed for staking alongside UST.

All “insiders” have their funds locked up and non-developers could have interacted with the smart contract this morning like everyone else. Let’s focus on more meaningful proposals that set the tone for a really exciting protocol with massive potential in the space.

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Only reason that this would have “hurt” you in anyway is if you were planning to dump your tokens before others did anyways. You are essentially proposing that there is an airdrop for people who didnt get to sell their tokens early, so they can dump with the airdrop. This in no way benefits the protocol.

I am against the proposal.


This idea is almost as bad as TIME’s rage quit option.

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