Add MARS-UST as strategy

To be able to use MARS Protocols own Token as strategy directly and not through Astroport.


I agree we should add MARS-UST as a strategy and also as a market, but it would use Astroport as Astoport in foundational to mars’s functioning. We need to incentivise new Mars token holders to the platform.

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OK. This works too and makes sense for the moment.

The issue with MARS is that since MARS token just recently start trading, we don’t have a good understanding of its price volatility and therefore cannot accurately estimate the associated risks. The liquidity is also low. Once these situations improve we can start discussing adding a MARS-UST strat.


We think this is a great idea that should be revisited at some point later, definitely after the lockdrop LPs have been fully unlocked (currently 60 days from the time of this post).


You’re hesitant to do this because:

  • MARS liquidity is low
  • MARS is volatile

We would be able to bootstrap more liquidity for MARS by slowly easing into these strategies. For example, start with a $1M credit limit, and increase from there. And with more liquidity, we would decrease volatility as well.

I see this as a great way to allow MARS to use its own red bank assets to gain more liquidity


1 mil credit limit
and 10k per smart contract/person

we don`t want 1 whale to have to pick up all

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