MARS 2 participation for locked UST

I locked a substantial amount of UST into Mars Protocol for 18 months. I lost 95% of the value of this UST in the collapse. I do not understand why only MARS token holders are being compensated with MARS 2 token. Why should a speculative buyer of MARS tokens be better compensated that an early adopter supporter of Mars Protocol who was prepared to lock in liquidity? I have raised this weeks ago on the Discord and am being referred to raise this here. I would appreciate if someone can explain the logic behind this. It would be simple to have reserved a portion of the MARS 2 airdrop for locked UST addresses - so this is not something that needs an ingenious solution. All comments welcome. Anyone else of the same viewpoint?

Hi RichFFM, I agree with you on this, It seems neither TERRA (airdrop) or MARS (airdrop) are taking any consideration here for users in this situation. I am sure there are many in this position who were locked up in all manner of protocols.

I would love to hear further opinions on this.

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