Liquidation price bug

Hello, in the field strategy I have added to the anc-ust LP with NO leverage. In other words I provided all of the UST against my provided ANC.

I think there is a bug in which I have a liquidation price of 2.83 USD. Seems very strange and concerning.


Good catch. This doesn´t look good. Did someone already look into this? Would like to know the feedback / fix of the bug.

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Hi macro_boy2 and decypt,

Yes this is currently being investigated by the team. We’ve received reports of this on discord.

if you have any further questions please reach out to us there! Mars Protocol


Hi, I have reached out on the suggested Discord questions tab. My message was buried in the noise. I would love to know what the issue is and how/when it will get resolved.

FYI- I have removed all my LP in case that the bug is a real bug (rather than a UI display bug) and I run the risk of liquidation. P.S. if this were to happen in a price drop it could be fairly catastrophic for MARS. In other words people getting liquidated when they should not have had any liquidation exposure is…BAD.


I believe this issue has been fixed!

Sorry that your question got buried - you can always use the #reach-out channel to open a ticket and we’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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