MARS Community podcast

Chill, fun, and informative. Enable to talk about experiences thus far. Build up the community within the Terra system. Implementing / theorizing strategies. Talk about proposals . ETC

Think it would be cool. Im also willing to try to set it up if others are interested.


Sounds good. So you would be the host and developer and users can participate? I would listen in / participate.

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Format could be prerecorded audio or a live video (YT, twitch broadcast) would be cool to have live participation. I would likely host/cohost. Ideally have 1-3 other people on to have a solid group conversation. Thinking weekly. Ideally have a guest speaker. Have a fun gamification mechanism associated with the podcast. Lots of other ideas I have been writing down.

In my head the vibe would be like Mars happy hour (adult beverage optional). Nothing is written in stone. Still a open concept. I am down to have a more in-depth conversation with anyone interested.
Thanks for your input!


I like the idea and I would listen in, for sure.

I wonder if you could test your concept by hosting a Twitter Spaces event or plan something in conjunction with Terra Money TV?

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yea those are great thoughts. Those guys are so helpful

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@mills this is a cool idea

We could also ask mars contributors to attend a specific episode and share insights/info
@mills I can help you organise this
I suggest - you write down topics to discuss for each episode and specify who would be good to feature and be part of the panel? Maybe consider 5, 20-30 min discussions

i Would definitely want to participate in that!

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It would be really cool to get some guest speakers in. One person I have a lot of respect for in the space is Connor from Crypto Empire. He leads a very lucrative community in all things Terra and as a member I can vouch for the profitability of his advice. He would likely do a video for us introducing his followers to the Red Bank.


Love this idea. I totally support it. I would love to listen it or participate it.
Great, guys.


Has anyone reached out to Terra Money TV ?
This is something that is right on queue with them. As they are aiming to be a one stop shop for Terra content, it would make sense for mars to have a segment on the platform.

That’s good idea!
Thanks for your proposal!! :star_struck:

I have a new proposal out that we could integrate this proposal with, pls check it out to vote and provide some feedback by voting or commenting guys! Gauge interest for an unofficial content creators site

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Definitely would listen, maybe participate. The more Mars develops the more community will need this kind of ressources.