The Future of Mars

Hello Martians,

I wanted to say hello to the community. I’ve been a significant Mars holder since it launched, and very excited about the project. I know the Luna collapse was devastating, but certainly Mars is a gem and I’m looking forward to its rebirth.

I have no current opinion on whether Mars can/should continue on as a Terra2 project. That seems very up-in-the-air at this point.

But I do want to express support for a strategy of migrating Mars into the Cosmos ecosystem. This could be done either as a standalone Mars tendermint chain which connects to Cosmos, Osmosis, etc through IBC. Or, Mars could be written perhaps as an app on a Cosmos EVM chain.

The Cosmos ecosystem is thriving and has a very solid foundation of development and architecture. I’d love to see Mars lean into it, and if votes to that extent are proposed, they will likely have my support.

If I can be helpful in other ways, please let me know!

-Erik Voorhees


I think this is a great idea and I would love to be a part of this journey!

Mars obviously must reborn from ashes. This is the future of crypto. Wethere it be on Terra2 or a Cosmos chain of its own, I’m highly anticipating Mars future.

Terra fall has been a hard hit for everyone but I’m confident builders and community will prove to be resilient and move forward. This is the way, LFG!

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Are you the real Erik Voorhees?
I’m also a significant MARS holder and would love to see the protocol live on.
The proposal by Erik makes sense to me.
Staying on the Cosmos ecosystem seems like the right idea, even though Arbitrum and Avalanche also seem like good options, but you’d probably run into compatibility issues there.
For instance, if the current MARS holders are dropped tokens on the new chain, how would you provide the proof?
Also, is MARS going to have another lockdrop? Where would you be borrowing one side of the liquidity from? What about bear market strategies? Long only strategies seems like the wrong idea right now. Also, after LUNA collapse, is MARS even the right name? Possibly, a complete rebranding is needed now to make it sound more professional.

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Hi Erik,

I support your suggestion and would like to bring up that governance proposal on the Cosmos Hub to earmark around 50,000 USD worth of ATOMs to projects launching a contract consumer chain.

Cosmos Hub proposal

For anyone unfamiliar with consumer chains and Interchain security, I suggest reading this overview

Twitter thread on ICS

Hoping to see Mars join the Cosmos,


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