Create a Mars Protocol Council Discord

I am unlikely to log into Mars Protocol on a daily basis, as I am involved in many projects as I am sure all of you are as well. If it doesn’t already exist, I believe a Council Discord channel would be most helpful.


(I’m not an English native speaker although my english is at a very high level, once it’s in addition to discord functions I do occasionally misinterpret a few things so just wan’t to ask you to make sure I understand it correctly)
Do you mean like a separate group for the Mars council discord, or just a #coucil “tab” in the official Mars discord?
Either way I think it’s a good proposal(personally i would like to keep it in the official mars discord, but both could work.
Good proposal!


5000 xMARS great idea!

I do mean an official discord for the Mars Protocol Council, that why announcements and votes can be done in a timely manner.

I agree with your proposal! :heart_eyes:

Good proposal!!

I’m sorry Kirito040, you’re absolutely right. A channel in the official Mars discord would be sufficient