Creating a non-incentivized hub for content creators and dev learning tools

I wanted to gauge to response of the community with this idea i had that we should have an easily accessible hub where content creators can share their articles and analysis, information/videos from top terra community members can be shared, developers can share guides, docs, videos and various learning material for people interested in learning the basics as well as the complicated mechanics behind both the Mars protocol and the ecosystem.
This way the interested people will have easier access to more material on top of the official Mars articles and new aspiring devs could have easier access to quality material without the mods and devs having to answer the same questions several times. Also would help by community members getting easier access to each others content for potential collaboration between content creators both within Mars and other ecosystem protocols and help in spreading Mars to a wider audience.
Could be channel in the discord group (like #knowledgehub on Astroport), a separate group or even a topic in the forum.
Main objective would be making it easier for the community to have access to each others material, sharing material from outside sources to the community, and a potential for a more educated community,
Should be non-incentivized so that only people who really want to contribute to the protocol will participate.


Great idea!

I also really like what Prism Protocol did with their Notion’s page. You can quickly access both protocol created information, as well as curated information from various Community members.


Good idea! :+1:
I totally agree with you. :100:

Have new proposal out pls check it out and vote guys! Gauge interest for an unofficial content creators site

Isn’t this something that is doing?

Apparently it’s similar! I didn’t even know about terrawiki when i started working on this :sweat_smile: however from what i understand terrawiki is more Terra- specific and dev oriented material and what i’m aiming for is a bit broader, with more educational content in tradfi, macroeconomy, and topics like psychological aspects as well. Basically I wan’t every content creator to be able to simply share a link to a blogpost/video/twitter thread/speadsheat on topic they’ve covered that could be of benefit to our community and just having the site as a hub for all content gathered in one place just to make it easier for readers to find content on any topic they’re interested in as it seems kind of spread out right now.

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