Liquidation not understood

Hello :slight_smile:

I opened a Anc-UST position of x2 in March.
The liquidation was set at an ANC price of 1,7 usd, as if the interface data.

Now, the UI doesn’t show my position, as if it was gone.
I checked and saw I was liquidated the 11th.

I don’t understand why, as Anc never reached 1,7 (got down to 2 usd).
Also, if I was liquidated, shouldn’t I receive a clear message about it when I connect ?

Thanks for feedback !

Hey @Kaa do you mind sharing your address?

Fields strategies determine if a position is eligible for liquidation based on the price of the Mars Oracle

If you share your address / liquidation tx I can query the price for ANC in the oracle at the block you were liquidated

Hello Mark, sorry for the late answer, I didn’t see I had an answer :slight_smile:

Here it is : terra186a0a4yzx5llaghaqgda07azjv4dv8mfa6yckg
And the liquidation tx : Terrascope

Thanks if you can still check, even though computers don’t make mistakes, at least I’ll understand and learn a bit.