Liquidation - more detail required

Hi, new to Mars but already love it.

Need to understand a Mars Liquidation event in a lot more detail please.

  1. If you are liquidated do you lose everything, or only enough of the asset to bring your position back within the acceptable LTV
  2. eg ANC-UST is currently 50% LTV with a liquidation price of $1.24. So the price has to get below $1.24 before I am liquidated? It’s $2.14 right now so that provides a LOT of safety net


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Yes, as the position currently stands the price has to go below $1.24 for you to be eligible for liquidation.

If you are liquidated, your position is closed and the liquidator takes a portion (5% for ANC-UST strategy currently) of the capital that remains after the debt is cleared, the rest is returned to you.

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