Glitch in After Update screen (or its just wrong?)

I have a position in Fields of Mars: LUNA-UST strategy. Due to the price falling over the last week, I decided to add more LUNA to lower my liquidation price.

Below is the Current Position and After Update image. As you can see, my Borrowed amount is basically the same before and after (I added the equivalent $ amount of LUNA as the outstanding debt).

In other words, it showed that the position change was not going to borrow more UST.

Now as you can see in the next screenshot (taken after the update), it has borrowed more UST.

This means:

  • the “after update” screen has displayed incorrect information as to what’s really going to happen in the smart contract, and
  • the change has therefore barely lowered my liquidation price at all.

Note that I checked the Mars docs before this, and couldn’t find any info on Manage Position that relates to Fields of Mars (the closest thing I could find related only to Red Bank: Approaching Liquidation - Mars Protocol). This could use an update to show what really happens - and of course the UI needs to be sorted to correctly display what’s happening.

Has anyone else had this issue, or can shed some light on this?