ANC-UST LP troubles

Hey group. I have a n ANC-UST LP position that I have been unable to update whenever I add ANC to manage my position. I receive the TX and I do get charged for the transaction and now I am in danger of getting liqyuidated. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

The ANC-UST strategy has currently reached it’s cap, meaning you can’t add just ANC to manage your position/Borrow more UST for this strategy. To manage your position and avoid liquidation you have to add just UST to repay the loan or supply equal amounts of both.

Thank you for the heads up. They did, however, let me continue to update and charge me over one dollar at a time for something that didn’t even occur. I closed the position and it was a bad first experience with Mars. It shouldn’t have allowed the transaction to go through if there were not funds available. I probably lay spent $10 on fees.

hey @Jmark. Sorry you had such a negative experience on your first go. Not sure if it’s the same situation but we’ve helped someone else with a similar issue before.

Currently when you go to your “manage” page, you’re able to see a certain +UST number which will help to balance your position back to 50-50. That is only a display amount and not the amount that will be rebalanced for you. Instead, you need to actually PULL the slider to pay back UST in order to reduce your loan quantum.

Hopefully this helps other people who are facing this issue!

For more immediate help please reach out to the community over at

Open a ticket on #reach-out channel and the mods will be able to help :wink:

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I was adding ANC to cover it and I was simulating a new balance after adding ANC, but it never happened.