Liquidation Price display

would love a similar functionality as anchor protocol where you see your Liq price when you deposit more collateral or repay your loan.


we already have this feature?

in this example i repay some of my UST debt, and the liq. price reduces in response:

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but not for red bank

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Yes this needs to be added to red bank* If I have to search 20 mins for it then it needs a re work

ah true. i’m the dev for Fields so i assumed this was about Fields

an issue with Red Bank is you can have multiple collateral assets at the same time. how would you define liq. price in this case?

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have a “value of collateral needs to fall to be eligible for liquidations”

Unsure on how that calculation is made but ik on anchor protocol they provide a liq price. never have had multiple assets as collateral so idk if it still displays it in that case.

they have 4 collaterals now, but it’s still simple, bcs on anchor you only borrow UST, which is stable, which means you only get liquidated if the price of asset gets below borrowed amount * liquidation ratio, while on MARS you can borrow with UST as collateral so you get liquidated if the price of the asset that you borrowed gets too high, in these examples we assume that UST is constant.

On MARS we will have many collaterals in future, so we won’t be able to say you get liquidated at 69$ or any other exact price point, but we can say how much value of your total collateral needs to fall.