How and when are yields paid to me?

I can not find any information about how farming yields are paid.
Is is it paid in MARS token or in LUNA or in UST?

Also when are yields paid?

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I actually have similar question. I deposited LP of anc-UST…it has been more than a day, but seems there is no interest… since I believe this app autocompounds my asset, and APY is roughly 500%, this is so weird…

Fields of Mars farms have their interest accrue directly in the LP token. When you withdraw, you will receive a mix of the asset + UST depending on the price movement of the asset.

If the price goes up, the LP rebalances and “sells” some of your asset - when you withdraw, you get less of your asset (by units), and some UST.

That is fine! Can you also tell me:

  • When is interest accrued? Every day, week or month?
  • Will the accrued interest/yield calculation be transparent?


Sorry, I don´t understand… I created ANC-UST liquidity pair, with more than 350% APY, the panel says me that I have a $1,79 daily rewards, where is that rewards? in wich token? How can I harvest?

Or from what I understand you say, that 350% is added to the liquidity pair itself?


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The Fields of Mars are auto-compounding as stated in the Mars docs, meaning all the yield goes back in the the liquidity pair.

My apy has dropped signifigantly since I started only 3 days ago. Started at 250% and now it’s down to 17%. Anyone else have this issue?

I assume you’re talking about yields on Fields of Mars. Which pair?

Yes, I am doing ust-luna

Looks like a UI bug. It’s not showing the correct base APY from Astroport on the dashboard of fields. Did you try to calculate what your actual APY is?

Same thing is happening to me. Astroport shows 45.28% APY, but Mars shows that Astro’s APY is 15.45%

When I calculate it it’s around 21%…What’s going on with the APY? How can it drop so much in such a short time.

I can’t really think of any reason that would happen without it being a bug, since the Astroport APY is different to the Mars APY. It could be fees but that sounds like too much of a difference to be the case. It could be that you somehow managed to lower your leverage, but it doesn’t explain the discrepancy between Astroport APY and Mars APY.

I guess we should just ask @larry

It’s auto compounded once every day. here is the executor’s address