Increase debt limit for fields of mars

Fields of mars has been extremely successful since its inception showing a strong demand for leverage yield farming. ANC and LUNA strategies hit their ceiling limits within few hours of the release:

A lot of people have asked for increase in debt limit. (considering there is around ~200M UST in red bank available for borrowing).

According to bitcoin sage (, this change needs to be approved by Martian council.

This post is to gauge interest in such a limit increase, and what should it be increased to. Considering how the initial limit was gobbled up in few hours, I think we should at least increase the debt limit to 25M for both.


I agree. I’ve seen several people who can’t participate in Mars due to caps.

Even 1% of the UST prepared was not used.

It should be a service that more people can use.

As these caps continue, Mars protocol is currently moving away from interest.

Along with various types of assets, the limit must increase.

However, we don’t know exactly what potential risks are in the 25M cap. The exact number seems to be good to get help from the Mars protocol team.

I agree
I think the cap needs to be increased.
Like @Jerry not for about the 25m each - would be best to have the team help decide since community is unsure how much of the deposits are locked deposits + unsure if new strategies are close to being implemented on the field + ANC LP rewards coming to an end might not be the best time to direct a large amount to that specific strat if it takes a long time to implement.
But yes to limit caps increase