Withdrawing Locked up UST from MARS-UST LP

Hi everyone,

My MARS-UST lockup is slowly releasing as scheduled. My question is, if I keep that UST locked up, does it continue to earn anything within the Mars Protocol?

Or is the released UST essentially “dead” money that should be withdrawn and put to use elsewhere?

Thanks in advance!


From Mars distribution article, it seems to have ongoing incentives for MARS-UST LP.

from the article

10,000,000 MARS tokens will be distributed during the first year of the protocol’s launch to users who provide liquidity to the MARS-UST pool on Astroport.

Other than that the LP you have still earn normal swap fee on Astroport.

You can see the current APR in Astroport pool page , currently the LP rewards are making about 1.94% APR. Combine with swap fee, the total makes about 3.43% APR

Hello, what about the staked UST on MARS ?