(BOOTSTRAP - PHASE 2) MARS-UST LP Withdrawal and Unlocked Rewards Claim

Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions.

I withdrawn the unlocked liquidity from my MARS-UST LP from my Lockdrop phase but cannot find any track of the LPs in my Wallet (I can only see the transactions on my Terra Station wallet, but nothing in the actual wallet).

I checked on ApeBoard and I can see the LPs under the Astroport section.

Does anyone know how can I get my MARS and UST from these LPs?

I also claimed the Unlocked Rewards both from
my MARS deposit and MARS LP but, again, they just disappeared and I cannot find any trace of them anywhere.

I would appreciate if someone could help me better understand this situation :pray:t4:
Thank you!

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I ask on the web, I’m in the same situation like many others, from the phase 1 you need to w8 1 month from the token launch to see them and 3 months to claim, I’m not sure obviously

Thanks for your reply!
I just want to make sure my coins are still there. The thing is that I already claimed my rewards once, last week, and I could see my mars tokens and stake them. This time when I claimed the rewards nothing happened, they just disappeared.

But you claim which? Mars from phase1(lock drop) or phase2 (bootstrap pool)? Cause I still don’t know 100% how to claim phase 1 rewards, probably cause I put them in the pool of phase 2…

I only participated in phase 2 (BOOTSTRAP) and this is pretty weird…

@mirkontan @Mos84
Okay so basically:
Your LP position from Phase 2 is being unlocked linearly for 3months, so you are constantly unlocking more constantly. You also get Mars Rewards for participating in the phase 2 AND liquidity provider rewards.(that’s why it’s showing you two different rewards)
IF you used your Mars tokens from Phase one in Phase 2, then you have already claimed those tokens and put them into the pool. You are earning the same rewards as everyone in Phase 2 now,


Correct. My question is, why when I claim the rewards and withdraw the unlocked liquidity from the bootstrap phase, my MARS and UST or MARS-UST LP tokens would not show in my wallet? I claimed and withdrawn some but they just disappeared

hmm… Have you added the tokencontracts to your wallet? The mars rewards should show in your wallet but for unlocked liquidity after you unlock your LP i think you need to go to astroport and head to Mars-UST LP, click manage - withdraw.
If this doesnt work send me a DM and ill look into it

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Thank you for the explaination. I am now able to find the MARS-UST LPs from Astroport and my MARS token on Terra Swap.

I tried after the claim to see my lp in astroport but tell me page not found(404)… i can just swap but there’s no my lp… no manage se fino or liquidity, I did a phase 1 and used my mars in phase 2, but a part the reward of phase 2 I found nothing… how I can see/get my lp reward? Pls help me…

It took me a couple of days to actually see my MARS-UST LP tokens on Astroport after withdrawal.

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for @mirkontan you seem to have solved the problem - the LP tokens can be found at https://app.astroport.fi/pools. There are times where the Astroport UI doesn’t load properly so you might need to refresh

@Mos84 please check on Astroport in the link above to see if it’s there! If the UI doesnt load it you can check Apeboard too. If you’re still facing troubles feel free to hop over to the Mars Discord Mars Protocol and open a ticket via #reach-out, the mods there will be able to help you!

I know @Kirito040 has the best intentions, but I would recommend going through the official channels while troubleshooting. Always be wary of people approaching you especially with unverifiable links (again no offense @Kirito040, just listing some best practices!)


Absolutely no worries, realized I should have recommended going through discord with mods and devs shortly after posting that message!

Hi. Im new to this and seem to have the same problem. This is so confusing. I basically appear to have unlocked the part of the lock drop (Only phase two) available to me and all of my unlocked lockdrop tokens except a tiny fraction of the Mars went to some wallet called “Auction” when viewed on terrascope. Please help if you can. Regards Adrian Sory found it from info above. But why such a convoluted thing to have to do can I ask??

Tus LP estan en Astropot