Website for non Cosmos users

As of right now when you go to Mars Red bank you first need to connect Keplr or other wallet to see available markets.

It would be really cool if a person without a wallet would be able to see available markets, apr and everything else. Then he might find that interesting and create keplr account.

Your interface is a big selling point. Let non Cosmos users see that.


That makes sense. From web perspective there is been a lot of progress around that before everything would be closed and not shown to the public but even for SEO and to peak the interest later they changed it to always be open until certain permission is needed.

I think thats a fantastic idea. The Martian community has already been so generous with their time and resources, constructing dashboards already (iā€™d like to share this one with you as an example
I think theres a lot of opportunity for the Martian community to build more ancilliary infrastructure, such as that you described.
A lot of the queries that one would need to build this can probably be identified and copied from this github repo GitHub - mars-protocol/interface