Mars Incentives on Kujira

The purpose of this proposal is to get liquidity for the mars tokens on more places in the cosmos.
By using BOW to incentivize liquidity for $Mars on Kujira’s market maker.

Kujira will match incentives offered by Mars. We suggest starting with $5k USD worth $Mars of incentives to be matched by $5k USD worth of KUJI incentives.

Kujira has recently instantiated trading pairs for MARS on FIN. Both MARS/USDC and MARS/USK are available for trading. Our communities have a lot of overlap and share a lot of common values.

The communities of Secret Network and Stargaze recently incentivized liquidity for their respective tokens, SCRT and STARS, on BOW by funding a wallet under the temporary custody of a trusted community member. This allowed them to incentivize the SCRT-USK and STARS-USK pair on More information about this can be found in the following forum posts:

Incentivisation of SCRT pair on Kujira BOW - Secret Governance - Secret Network and

Here are some key highlights about BOW:

  • BOW is a framework that ensures optimal trading conditions for pairs on FIN by offering yield to liquidity providers who add to the depth of a given trading pair. This narrows the price spread and ensures deep order books for traders, leading to higher volume and stability.
  • BOW also enables protocols to further incentivize pool depth by allocating token rewards to liquidity providers.
  • BOW is a self-sufficient and 100% on-chain market maker that uses an internal algorithm to automatically place orders on FIN pairs based on its own internal token balances. By holding LP tokens, you can earn a share of the fees from transactions using that pair, and further increase your earnings by staking the LP tokens.

There are several benefits to incentivizing BOW for your community:

  • Cementing a partnership with Kujira and strengthening the bond between our communities helps foster collaboration and cooperation.
  • Deepening liquidity for your token outside of the chain increases its accessibility and appeal to a wider audience.
  • Providing a farming opportunity for your community gives them an additional way to earn rewards and benefits from holding your token.
  • A solid orderbook for your token on FIN may allow it to be used as collateral, which can open up new possibilities for borrowing and lending activities.

Would love to hear what the community thinks.We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Mars and look forward to working together.


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