MARS in ASTRO wars

How will support us (Mars holders) in xAstro voting for Astroport incentives?

As I saw, only one participant in this war have interes to vote for Mars-xMars or Mars- UST pool to be incentived.

For us is really importan to have “deep pool” and that’s not posible with out incentives.

all the best

Just guessing, but since it doesn’t seem that Mars has accumulated, or is buying Astro, they will have 2 choices if they decide they need to incentivize liquidity for Mars pairs

Buy retro/Apollo/other and steer governance when it becomes possible (or vxAstro) This would be very expensive.

Option 2 is bribes, which would usually be much less expensive.

Maybe we can take 10% of Mars profit, and with that money buying vxAstro.

Without Astro incentives, we will have low APY on MARS/xMars and Mars/UST… and than ppl will not staking tokens… More in circulaton, lower price.

Staking of tokens is independant from the apy of the LP pair, why would you not stake mars because of a low APY?
Im really not a Fan of bribing. The Astro incentives are just inflation of the Astro-Token and the value of the bribe will be strongly tied to Astros success. If you want token-inflation with incentives going to Mars holders you can just give out Mars incentives.

you need arround +10% if you want ppl to buying tokens for staiking.

When you have Astro incentives, you have Astro inflation, and Mars “deflation” (becouse more ppl buzin Mars and staiking).
Mars incentives are not good becouse of Mars inflation.