Incorrect Astro APY in Fields

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

Astroport shows 45.28% APY, but Mars shows that Astro’s APY is 15.45%

Hopefully someone has already helped you with this, but if anyone else was wondering about this:
The “Astro APR” in fields strategy is APR in astro tokens → which are being sold and compounded to your position. Also i believe that Astroports “Combined APR” does not calculate the APR with Astro being sold and compounded into your position whereas Mars calculates the leveraged APY with borrow interest and Astro tokens being sold to add to your position and when using leverage the price of your primary asset should also effect your “Leveraged APY” and therefore it’s going to show the same as on Astroport…
If you look at the APY for a specific strategy in the Fields and not your own position i believe the APY shows the same as on Astroport though (but calculated in APY instead of APR)