Froggy wants to burn MARS

Hello, I am an anonymous frog lurking in the black holes of the Cosmos. I hop between planets and stars via satellites, learning through osmosis as I spread my frog eggs around in hopes of one day reaching the moon. I occasionally find a nice pond where I can settle in and stay moisturized, unbothered, and in my lane for a while. I am usually a happy frog.

One such planet where I’ve considered building a cozy lily pad for my moisturized frog bum is Mars. I like that I can put my little frog savings into the Red Bank and borrow a little bit to use in the more degen strategies to satisfy my inner pepe.

While my inner pepe often gets me into trouble at times, it also helps to raise my awareness at things that may result in my little frog bum getting rekt. This frog doesn’t enjoy getting bum rekt.

When I look at Mars, it is a very attractive place for me to settle but the only problem I see is that if I build a cozy pad on Mars, I’m afraid the community will embark on a mission to flood my pond with many more lily pads, thus reducing the value of my pad. This would make my bum less cozy and I may no longer be a happy frog.

However, I understand the need for the community to have some resources to deploy on Mars to keep the Martians happy and attract more degenerate amphibians such as myself.

In my little frog brain, I’d like to see the community supply of MARS reduced so I have more assurances that my cozy pad will not get diluted with dirty emission waters, therefore I would like to start a discussion about reducing the community supply of MARS.

This frog’s simple recommendation is to just burn a significant amount of supply as a one time gesture to frogs everywhere. I would suggest 50% of the existing community supply which I estimate as about 300m tokens or roughly 30% of the total token supply. A gesture such as this would make frogs like me do even more froggy things to which I won’t describe here.

I recognize there are other highly contentious discussions among Martians right now so I do not wish to interrupt that discourse, however I find the timing important given the spotlight on Mars and the general state of the degeneracy we find ourselves in at the moment. Imagine the froggy smell if Mars burns 30% of the token supply while the eyes of Cosmos are watching?

I shall leave you with one final request, please take this request seriously, my froggy bum thanks you in advance.

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As a fellow pond digger, I‘d suggest to burn 90% of the community pool AFTER the migration plans of mars-1 to either neutron-1 and osmosis-1 are done and one of the treasuries of the new home received their 60M MARS tokens as part of the deal.
(600M - 60M) *0.1 would leave the community pool with 45M MARS. That would be enough to guarantee satisfaction for future pond diggers and possible incentives for any kind of event, where incentives are needed.

I know that this might seem a bit too aggressive, but I always envisioned this forum to be a place to share your personal thoughts.

These are my thoughts on the topic :fist:t2:

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This clown loves the froggy’s idea. I lean more towards 50% than 90%. The tokens truly can act as ammunition to help fuel future adoption… either through cross-protocol alignments, or via grants, competitions and referral programs.

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Think almost everyone I speak to is in agreement that the current community pool is far too large. IMO we could burn an amount immediately (50% too much?) before further discussion of token economics after mars migrates its hub, at which time we can decide what to do with the rest.

Also supportive of this, I think a lot of community members and contributors will be too - for me I think we should do 50% minimum but like Linkielink I lean towards a more aggressive initial action - perhaps 75% - still leaving ~135m MARS tokens in the community pool for the community to dream up what to do with

Nice to meet you Froggy, I really hope you can make Mars feel your home in the future and we all want to help you feel at ease & comfortable in your pond without too many other froggies overcrowding it.
I am also in support of burning a significant amount of Mars community pool. Reason being it is very unlikely that Mars will ever use it anyway. Might as well burn it. But I do like an approach geared toward moderation. So start with something between 50% - 75% as a good faith intention to revitalize Mars tokenomics. Ideally soon we can start sharing ideas between each other on the forum on how to create a Mars tokenomics model that incentivizes good usage of Mars and at the same time rewards froggies like you that take the risk of picking a pond on Mars where to live.