Unable to withdraw deposit

I don’t know if it’s just me but after what happened with LUNA in Mars Protocol we were allowed to withdraw the LOCKDROP with the possibility of withdrawing to the wallet, which was not possible because the button to withdraw was disabled. and then the withdrawal directly to the Red Bank. After making the withdrawal to Banco Rojo and trying to withdraw the deposit, it is not possible because Mars Protocol has 0 FEE by default and having 0 FEE the transaction is not completed and gives HERROR.
Please fix this error, three days ago UST was at $$0.18 and we could not withdraw any of our money because of this.

Some users have withdraw from the Red Bank without issue, but not sure what makes the difference. Regardless, you can interact with the contract directly with the below steps:

~How to Withdraw UST/maUST from Red Bank (via mobile)~

Please Note - When interacting with the contract directly, any typo or mistake could cause funds to be unclaimable or lost. Please use at your own risk and carefully follow the instructions.

Step 1
Go to https://station.terra.money/contract/execute/terra19dtgj9j5j7kyf3pmejqv8vzfpxtejaypgzkz5u.

Step 2
Select Wallet Connect and connect your Terra Station Mobile wallet to the browser Terra Station

Step 3
In the Execute Msg field, enter the following, swapping 105000000 with your total amount shown under the My Liquidity section of your My Station page multiplied by 1 million (to get the uusd amount the contract utilizes). For the example below, 105000000 equates to 105.00 UST. Once you have updated with your amount, you can then Submit.

  "withdraw": {
    "amount": "105000000",
    "asset": {
      "native": {
        "denom": "uusd"

Hello, I’ve been trying for days and nothing, I always get this error. failed to execute message; message index: 0: Error calling the VM: Error executing Wasm: Wasmer runtime error: RuntimeError: unreachable: execute wasm contract failed: invalid request

I have already written off my funds as lost

How did you withdraw your ust? I dont see anything in “my lockdrop”. Maybe they’re still locked?

You can pick them up on the page MY STATION … at the bottom of the page you can pick them up.
Then you have 2 options
1 - withdraw to the wallet, which is not possible because the button is disabled.
2 - withdraw to the Red Bank.
2.1 - After the red bank you should withdraw to your wallet. Only this step at least I can’t do it because the protocol is set to 0 FEE.
If you have LP TOKENS the same thing only it sends it to ASTROPOR and then from atroport you can withdraw to your wallet.

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OK I followed the instructions above. It executed and when checking the Tx HASH I can see full amount of funds deposited back to my address. Only problem is, it’s not showing in wallet balance and now it’s also gone from “my portfolio” on Mars. No idea where the UST is!!

Where is the Mars support? I cannot withdraw my ust because the UI does not allo me to do so. Please help me.