Un-stake old staked Mars?

Now that the old front end has gone, how can we un-stake our xMars on TerraClassic?

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I believe I found the process to unstake via the webapp contract execution, however each time I try to test it I just get an error. Either I am getting the error because I am trying with a Ledger, or there may not be a way to unstake them anymore. I can give you the steps below to try yourself to see if you also get an error, but you would have to understand that this is just a possible solution and no guarantee it works.

Please Note - When interacting with the contract directly, any typo or mistake could cause funds to be unclaimable or lost. Please use at your own risk and carefully follow the instructions.

Below are the steps to Unstake xMARS from the Mars Council on Terra Classic.

Step 1:
Connect your Terra Station Extension wallet to the Terra Station webapp https://station.terra.money/ (if not already), and make sure you are on the correct network (Classic).

Step 2:
Go to the contract tab, search for and then execute the terra1a04v570f9cxp49mk06vjsm8axsswndpwwt67k4 address

Step 3:
In the Execute Msg field, enter the below code block.
Note: Swap YOUR_TOKEN_AMOUNT with your token quantity multiplied by 1 million (ex: to unstake 12 tokens you would put 12000000). Be careful not to alter the formatting of quotes, commas, etc.

    "send": {

Step 4:
Leave the Amount field blank, select your fee currency, and then Submit.

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