xMars: Where will it land?

I have a couple of questions about governance tokens.

I’ve seen the post about finding a place to land, which may or may not be Terra. I will still fully support Mars where ever that may be; I love this protocol and will continue to use it for as long as I can.

That being said:

What will happen to staked Mars (xMars) tokens in our wallets?

Will/can these be transferred to another network?

Should the tokens be left in governance, or just withdrawn to MARS tokens and hold until there is more finite info?

Any info/insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, these are great questions and they are also at the forefront of my mind. I am sure that many Mars owners and xMars council members have the same questions and seek answers.

I would love it if we can get some communication from Mars Protocol team members on this subject.

Thank you in advance!

I was just checking in here and saw your reply.

I’m not sure if/who you may follow outside of this forum (twiiter, discord etc) but there is a new-ish communication from Mars.

This is the article:


However, you can load the protocol with your wallet connected to ‘mainnet’ and old Mars balances are showing. Otherwise the app is barebones. At least thats what is showing up on my end. Haven’t been able to withdraw anything as of yet, but hopefully that happens soon.

All the Best