MRC: mAssets listings

mAssets are mirrored assets, they are tokens whose price if controlled by an algorithm, to mirror the price of their real counterparts. Now why should we add mAssets, they can be already borrowed on mirror protocol, here is why, they can’t be longed on mirror protocol.

Adding mAssets would not only help MARS protocol but mirror protocol too, problem with mirror is that you can’t long asset currently meaning which makes it harder to maintain the mpeg, this would help with it.

mAssets I would suggest listing are: mIAU, mSLV, mQQQ, mGOOGL, mTSLA, mAAPL, mTWTR, and mNFLX, but I create this post for discussion on the listing of mAssets, not these mAssets directly.


Would be very good, currently longing assets on mirror requires users to put them into an LP. Being able to your mAsset into the redbank and earn yield or fields to leverage farm them would be a good idea in my view aswell.
Fully supports this proposal

But that is not longing, and putting your mAsset in LP pair may even make you lose, if you put 1 mAsset and same amount of UST, and mAssets price goes up, you don’t have 1 mAsset and same amount of UST, you have less than 1 mAsset and more UST.

Yes, I know, i just meant that by having a long option in the redbank could also enable leverage farming mAssets in fields as well.
But having an actually long option (just like the short option on mirror) would be really, really good :grinning: