[Proposal] Add LunaX

I propose to add LunaX as new asset. I believe that it would help grow the protocol. What do you think?


i agree, we should also add other forms of LUNA, like cLuna, bLuna and stLuna


Hey Marte, as a holder of LunaX I am very in favour of getting LunaX listed on Mars as a collateral asset. In order to do this we have to put together a proposal in the format suggested by @delphilabs here. The link to the Red Bank Asset Listing MIP Template can be found here.

Like I said, i’m highly motivated to get LunaX listed on the Red Bank. However, i’m not fully familiar with all the metrics and documentation that is required by the template. Because of this, I think it would be better if someone from Delphi put together the proposal to get it right.

I think there are a lot of LunaX holders out there who want to utilise their capital, but as of right now there aren’t that many options. You can go to mirror and take a short position in an asset, but this requires you to either be bearish on one of the assets listed or you have to go long in the same asset and essentially be delta neutral. The delta neutral option is fine if you want yield, but if you just want to cash out your LunaX this is not a viable option. The other option is using Edge protocol, borrowing UST against your LunaX. This is a better option, but currently the interest rate on borrowing UST is relatively high (around 22% at the time of writing). Therefore, I think enabling LunaX on the Red Bank would be highly beneficial to the Luna stakeholders as there is quite a bit of capital tied up in LunaX, and to Mars protocol itself. It would essentially provide competition to the ecosystem and revenue to the xMars holders.

If no one from Delphi picks this up in the near future I would be happy to give it a go myself :slight_smile: