Collecting historical APY data

Is anyone collecting historical APY data on Mars pools? (Similar to Umee’s historical earn/borrow APY data?).

If not, is this a feature Mars users/Delphi Labs would want? if so, is there a grants program? I’d be happy to build it out if it’s something others could use.

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Hey, thanks for posting this to the forum! Mars contributors typically are not interested in any paid services, and there is no Grants program in place at this time. However, if it isn’t already a feature in progress and users are interested, then it is possible to use community funds for such a thing with enough support.

Thanks @codeNoodle! I was not envisioning a paid service (I think it ought to be part of the Mars UI). Are you suggesting I create a governance prop to fund this work?

Hey @elsehow, it’s great to hear from you. We’re interested in discussing the topic further you.
Let’s arrange a time to chat. Could you please contact me on Telegram (@Sandro20212)?