Can i claim locked UST?

Hi there, now that terra exploded, i am joining some class action for UST holders.
I Had some UST locked into Mars, how can i get it back on my wallet?

UST locked in Mars was unlocked and with the shutdown proposal all assets were returned to the individual users wallets. More details on that here: MRC-9: Shut down Mars contracts, close all positions and return deposits to users


hi there, when was that? I haven’t seen my funds anywere in mars protocol after the attack
I had UST locked to gain MARS tokens and I don’t know where to ask to claim those coins

do you have any additional info please

You can read the additional details in that link I posted above. Those shutdown procedures were voted on successfully and then began on May 25th, and the UST would just be in your wallet again with no need to claim it manually. Make sure your wallet is set to the Classic network to see them.

thanks for the reply, I didn’t receive my UST and I am using the classic version on my terra wallet extension.
Do you know where can I get in touch with the team or where can I get help?
It wasn’t much money but would be nice to get it back.

Sure, head over to the Discord ( and open a ticket (#reach-out channel) and I or another mod can help check your address.

thanks mate I’ll do it now

can’t find the group on discord could you provide me with the complete URL ?

You can just grab it from the twitter profile instead, that should work