[MRC-87] Support CosmWasmPool (transmuter) in Swapper on Osmosis


The objective of this proposal is to enhance the Swapper contract on Osmosis to support CosmWasmPool (transmuter). This upgrade will enable the Swapper contract to correctly deserialize the CosmWasmPool type of pool, extract pool ID, and assets inside the pool. This enhancement will improve the functionality of the Swapper contract by allowing it to interact seamlessly with CosmWasmPool, thereby optimizing asset swapping and utilization of liquidity.


The Swapper contract plays a crucial role in configuring routes for swapping assets and executing asset swaps on Osmosis. Currently, the contract relies on predefined routes provided by governance, which may not always reflect the most efficient swapping routes due to dynamic changes in liquidity pools.

With the introduction of CosmWasmPool (transmuter), there is a need to upgrade the Swapper contract to support this new type of pool. By enabling the Swapper contract to correctly handle CosmWasmPool, we ensure compatibility with evolving protocols and improve the overall efficiency of asset swapping on Osmosis.


Implementing this upgrade involves modifying the smart contract code, which inherently carries the risk of introducing new bugs or unforeseen issues. However, the proposed changes are minor and have been carefully reviewed to minimize potential risks.


This upgrade will entail updating the logic within the Swapper contract to support CosmWasmPool. Specifically, it will involve modifying the contract’s deserialization process to correctly handle the CosmWasmPool type, extract relevant information such as pool ID and assets, and integrate it into the asset swapping functionality.

The changes required for this upgrade can be found in the PR.


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