Can we do superfluid staking?

Maybe an idea for down the road…
Osmosis is enabling superfluid staking.

I wonder if we can eventually make a Luna/Osmo pair on mars with superfluid on terra

(Means Provide LP while staking to secure the network)

Too degen? Or jsut the right about of degen?

Ok, but what is the difference between that and LP pairs with bLuna, LunaX, and cLuna, all of those tokens can be redeemed 1:1, for Luna, and they are securing the network. Nothing is too degen.

Allow use of off chain assets through IBC like osmo superfluid

what is the difference between those assets and assets like wAVAX, bETH, wSOL, except of the architecture of system?

Have to agree with @mivex39441 having LPs with cLUna-bLUNA and LunaX is already the same thing as superfluid staking, just a different implementation to it