Requirements to add $CDT as a collateral asset

Membrane is the protocol behind CDT, which is a CDP-based decentralized stablecoin native to Osmosis that launched on October 10th, 2023. As it matures into its growth phase it would be nice to have some tangible requirements regarding integration in Mars, as money-market integration is a milestone step in its life.

Right now, its supply is 303k with daily volume ~40-60k. It’s contracts are partially owned (will be fully owned in the future) by $MBRN Governance with decently distributed voting power before voluntary delegations.

Current collateral types:

  • (st)ATOM
  • (st)OSMO
  • TIA
  • USDT
  • (axl)USDC

At the moment we are focused on adding collateral types (milkTIA, ETH.axl, WBTC.axl) & incentivizing our stableswap pool as the step to enable more organic volume from leverage. Around that time we expect to come back around to Mars to open a discussion on actually listing $CDT. I’d love to hear any thoughts & hard/soft requirements you may have for listing as a collateral asset.


Hey guys, this is Jonathan, a Mars contributor.

You can find the complete list of requirements here.

I’ll just highlight that, in addition to the basic technical and centralization requirements listed in the link above, what we need is a robust oracle for the asset. Since Mars is trying to standardize all its feeds to Pyth, at the moment that basically means having a Pyth price feed for CDT.

I hope this makes sense and please let me know if you have any additional questions regarding this.

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