[MRC-84] Neutron Foundations MARS Grant


The objective of this proposal is to obtain the 60m MARS tokens to grant the Neutron Foundation which was defined and successfully voted on in the MRC-67 Mars x Neutron Alignment proposal.


The alignment proposals both passed successfully on the Neutron and Mars Protocol DAOs, and the Neutron Foundation has successfully followed through with its initial payment as defined in the MRC-67 proposal. The Mars Protocol DAO now needs to fulfill its side of the proposal by allocating 60m MARS tokens to the Neutron Foundation.


This proposal includes a community pool spend to send 60m MARS tokens to the Mars Protocol Foundation’s assigned CW3 multisig contract. This multisig will stake the mars and grant vote permissions via Authz to a Neutron Foundation assigned address as mentioned in MRC-67:

MARS tokens allocated to the Neutron Foundation will initially be custodied by a Mars Hub multisig controlled by members of the Mars Foundation. These MARS tokens will be staked in Mars Hub governance, and an authz generic grant of govv1.msgVote will be granted to an appointed second multisig or EOA owned by the Neutron Foundation. This will allow the Neutron Foundation to vote while Mars governance still resides on Mars Hub.

Additionally, it is worth reiterating, as outlined in MRC-67, how staking rewards relating to this MARS will be handled:

During migration of governance from Mars Hub to Neutron, the Mars Foundation will claim the staking rewards received from staking the MARS token grant, and send the MARS accrued through staking rewards back to the Mars community pool.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


This proposal is being made by Mars Protocol Foundation, a Cayman Islands foundation company. Mars Protocol Foundation engages in research and development of the Mars Protocol. Mars Protocol Foundation and certain of its service providers and managers own MARS tokens and have financial interests related to this proposal. The aforementioned persons or their affiliates may also have financial interests in complementary or competing projects or ecosystems, entities or tokens, including Neutron/NTRN. These statements are intended to disclose relevant facts and to help identify potential conflicts of interest, and should not be misconstrued as a complete description of all relevant interests or conflicts of interests; nor should they be construed as a recommendation to purchase or acquire any token or security.

This proposal is also subject to and qualified by the Mars Disclaimers/Disclosures. Mars Protocol Foundation may lack access to all relevant facts or may have failed to give appropriate weighting to available facts. Mars Protocol Foundation is not making any representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the statements herein, and Mars Protocol Foundation shall have no liability in the event of losses or damages ensuing from approval or rejection or other handling of the proposal. Each user and voter should undertake their own research and make their own independent interpretation and analysis of all relevant facts and issues to arrive at their own personal determinations of how to vote on the proposal.

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