[MRC-42] Neutron Outpost - Reserve Factor Rectification


Previously, on MRC-31, governance voted to set the initial reserve factor (RF) for all markets on Neutron at 20%. However, a mistake was made at implementation and the RF for those markets was set at 10%.

The objective of this proposal is to communicate the mistake and vote for a final RF for the current markets on Neutron.


As a reminder, the RF defines the percentage of all interest payments that accrue to the protocol. For instance, a 20% RF determines that 20% of all interest payments within a given market ultimately flow to the protocol (and the remaining 80% to depositors). The funds collected through the reserve factor, in turn, flow to 2 buckets:

  • Mars Hub: 50% of the RF funds flow to stakers on Mars Hub in the form of MARS.
  • Safety Fund: 50% of funds collected via the RF flow to the Safety Fund in the form of USDC.

Ultimately, the RF should be set in a sensible manner to achieve the right balance between protocol efficiency and revenue generation. If the RF is set too high, depositors won’t be compensated enough for the risk they’re taking and protocol growth will likely suffer. On the other hand, if the RF is set too low, the protocol wouldn’t be accruing the value it deserved for the services offered.

Given the nascency of the Neutron outpost, we believe that a lower RF is the right choice at the moment. Rather than optimizing for protocol revenue, we believe that incentivizing growth should be the priority. All else equal, a lower RF will incentivize deposits, which can in turn lead to better borrowing terms and, ultimately, more organic usage of the protocol.

In this sense, we propose to leave the RF at 10% for the current markets: NTRN, ATOM and axlUSDC.


If this proposal passes, no changes will be made since the RF is already at 10%. If this proposal doesn’t pass, the builders will utilize their multisig to change the RF back to 20%, as voted on MRC-31.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


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