Mars Protocol on OKX Chain (OKC)

Hi Mars Protocol,

I will keep this proposal short and efficient.

We currently see that Terra 2.0 does not offer the support that project deserves after migrating. The Terra Chain is still losing traction time to time.

We are aware of few current challenges that you encounter and we would like to offer our support to quality project on Terra ecosystem.

Our offer is simple:

  1. Deploy your protocol on our chain OKC (OKC | OKX Chain | OKT | OKX)
  2. Integrate our OKX Wallet
  3. We will insure full support for your protocol: Technology support, products support, marketing support, strategic support, VCs Introduction,…

OKX is a top tiers CEX with quality team. Even during bear market we are still building.

Feel free to connect with me if this proposal is appealing to you.

Best regards
OKC Team